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Meet my favorite place in the universe: Austria

Austria is probably one of my favorite spots in the world. I was lucky enough to live in Salzburg for a year as an Erasmus student, almost ten years ago now. It was the first time that I lived far away from my family (which I was super excited about!), the first time I flew in a plane, the first time I experienced real winter, the first time I communicated daily in languages not my own, etc.! It really was…

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What did you do for your Birthday? I worked out!

I’ve been a lousy blogger, and I’ve seriously left my photography account unattended this month, but I have a solid excuse: this has been the most hectic month! If you asked me in September what I expected to be doing in November, I would have probably told you that not much, except for throwing a big big big and fantastic 30th birthday party! Yay! Happy Birthday to me! However, things have taken quite an unexpected turn. For starters, we decided –almost…

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Katia Washi handbag semi-fail

The summer was really hot, and I spent substantially less time indoors on the couch knitting, and more time outside taking photographs or reading. What can I say, perhaps I am not a year-round knitter after all! Instead, in summer I like to crochet handbags. Inspired by how well it went with the handbag that I crocheted for last summer (read the post here!), which was even complimented at the Phildar store in France, I decided to try my luck with a…

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The Havana Chronicles: Old Havana

Remember how I was supposed to write up my whole Cuba experience, like, in March? Well, it’s October and I am not even halfway through! I decided to finish my documenting of Havana in this blogpost, dedicated to the old part of the town, the one that always appears in postcards and films. Next month, I’ll tell you more about travelling the inland, but I’ll hope to be more brief that I’ve been until now! If I had to define the…

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Looking up at the starry skies

If you have followed this blog since its inception, you will have been witness to my flirtation with the many faces of creativity. The truth is, that of all the things I do or try my luck at, there is one that I enjoy more and where I believe I have some potential, and that is photography. Could I say that I have found my passion? A while ago I got interested in night photography. Ok, I  should say I…

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Living life with a lighter heart

Today, I wanted to write about summertime revelations I had during the break As you may know, I’ve been to France, Germany and Austria this summer, but the real break from work wasn’t until I went to visit my parents on my own for 10 days. 10 days where the only thing I did, beside meeting friends and roasting under the sun, was reading books. Silence and books. “That’s the life”, I thought to myself. I have had a lot of time in…

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Paris, je t’aime

Can I tell you a secret? I have never been to Paris Paris, the city of love, the stuff of dreams. The place where so many great heart-warming (some, heart-melting) movies take place. Movies like Amélie, Paris Je T’aime, The Beat that my heart skipped, Before Sunset, Moulin Rouge (I was 16 and hormonal. BIG IMPACT)… but also some tough films like La Haine. So many stories about Paris, and here I was, still a Paris Virgin! That’s right, I had never been in…

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