Who is behind HappyHealthyCrafty?


My name is Ingrid, I’m 30 and currently living in the Netherlands. I grew up in a town near Valencia, Spain, and have a degree in Visual Communication. During my studies I specialized in photography and digital design. However, I’ve always felt an itching need to solve all the questions I asked myself since I was a kid: Do all people think alike? Feel the same emotions? What happens inside the mind? That’s how I went all-in for a career change. It’s been more than 6 years from that day, but now I’m proudly halfway my doctoral research. In my work I study nonverbal aspects of communication, such as hand gestures. Particularly, I focus on the processes that give rise to gesturing, and on how we use gestures to represent concepts. Long story short, and just in case you were afraid, I cannot tell your deepest secrets by looking at your hands, but I can tell something about how you think.

As I mentioned above, I’ve always had a curious mind. In the last years I’ve become fascinated by the internal transition that we experience as we make our way through life, by how our ideas, morals or taste develop with age. Above everything, I’m fascinated by the individual quest for happiness, by what it means to be happy and what people do to (if ever) feel happiness. No surprise there that I called this blog HappyHealthyCrafty! Happiness, besides knowing yourself, besides coffee and books, and rainy days and blankets, is learning to do things with your hands. CREATING. Creation is one of the highest joys known to man, it is gratifying, rewarding, it fills us with pride and a sense of accomplishment.

There are plenty of ways to express our creativity. I knit, photograph, paint (badly), collage, design things, and one day I wish to start writing too–as in, fiction. This blog is good testing grounds for all these purposes, and a way to showcase some of my travel photography work. 

In short, HHC is meant to be an outlet to my creative ventures, as well as to reflect my personal quest for happiness and wisdom as I move through life.

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

Lots of love,


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    Emmelyn HealthynotSkinny.nl
    October 18, 2015 at 3:15 pm

    Love it Ingrid! Such a beautiful design! Can’t wait to see what posts you come up with 🙂

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