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Beekse Bergen Safari Park

Every year, our whole department takes a day off to do something together. We have cooked in the wild, starred in a videoclip, gone on a bike tour, etc. This year we took a trip to the Safari park “Beekse Bergen” (nearby Tilburg, The Netherlands), whose’s slogan goes along the lines “Africa, dangerously close“. Once there, we could choose between doing a walking tour, a bus tour (where you apparently get the most information about all animals, with especial detail paid to their mating behaviour) or going by boat.

We chose the walking tour, and had the chance to take a close look at all sorts of animals, from lions and tigers, to red pandas, flamingos or crocodiles. Despite the rain, we had a lot of fun and I think I succeeded at shooting a few decent photographs. We finished the day with a barbecue where, primed by the lionesses’ behaviour –and possibly to my nutritionist’s dismay– I ate only meat. On the way back home, I did my homework and chucked 200gr tomatoes down my throat. But I’ll tell you about my history with vegetables on another occasion.

After a long day filled with exercise and outdoors fun, it’s time for me to go to bed! ♥




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