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Bubbles and Sunrises


Every summer, I go for a few weeks to visit my parents in Spain. We have an apartment at the beach and I love it there. However, in the summer months, Gandia, which is the name of the town, becomes land of the tits, tattoos, charred meat and bad music, and I like it a bit less. I lived there by myself for about six years when I attended uni, and I used to bartend and be immersed in the whole scene, but now I’m getting old and start to long for the kind of quiet and spiritual, soul-searching type of holiday.

Actually, I had quite a few hilarious revelations. On the second day, it was right before lunch and I was sitting by the pool. It occurred to me that 10 years ago I would have made it home from partying at least at 7am, and I would be sitting at the pool right around that time of the day (1.30pm), fresh awoken and containing my urge to throw up. Now, ten years later, I actually got up at 7am and sat reading a book in the balcony while looking at all the party-comers trying to zigzag their way back home. After an attempt to be super healthy and sporty, I swam for 20 minutes, and afterwards I just sat there on my sun chair, dazed and confused, and containing the urge to throw up. Two processes, one outcome. I thought it was quite ironic!

Anyways, I’m digressing again.

Something major happened last summer: my laptop died. One of these unexpected deaths. This means that all the photographs I had taken were lost, because I didn’t have internet access and all my photo material couldn’t backup on the cloud. I went out on the last day to get a few compensatory shots, and found these guys by the promenade making a giant bubble show for children. I  couldn’t believe I was this lucky and started taking pictures like crazy. Who doesn’t love bubbles?

So I thought I’d share with you a selection of bubble shots!

On my last day, I had to wake up around 6am to go to the airport, and it was still dark. I could take this one hurried picture before I left the apartment, from the window. It is blurry but I love it!

The sun began rising as we made our way by car to the airport, paralleling the coastline. These are, again, sleepy and hurried pictures, but I love them precisely because of their imperfection. Only contrast, lighting and sharpening have been slightly adjusted. Almost raw material!

Hope you like them! More pics coming soon!

♥ Ingrid ♥


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