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Celebrating Spring in the Netherlands

Last week I purchased my first prime lens! A prime lens is the kind of lens where “what you see is what you get”: it cannot zoom in or out of objects! That is precisely what makes it so much fun, that you have to get close to all of your subjects in order to photograph them. I got this lens not for my Über camera (the Canon 6D) but for my so-called Party camera: the Fujifilm X-m1. I call it my party camera because it is tiny, compact yet powerful, and I can simply toss it in my handbag and take it anywhere when I go for a simple walk. The lens I bought was a Fujinon 35mm, F2.0 R, and it is great for portraits because of its shallow depth of field and that beautiful bokeh!

It takes beautiful photos, and captures very vivid colors! I have been taking it out the last two weekends. The weather has been super good and all the flowers have bloomed out there, so I thought I’d write a post to celebrate the beginning of Spring, and to show you my pictures of the flowers you can find here in the Netherlands! I hope you like them 😉

♥ Ingrid ♥


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