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Ch- Ch- Changes

Dearest reader,

today I couldn’t be more excited to tell you that my site is back online! What the heck, I’ve been excited all week! You may wonder about the reasons why I decided to change the structure of my site, yet again. With me there are never simple reasons or short explanations, except this time. I have recently rekindled my passion for photography, a hobby that remained dormant for the past 5 years or so. I wanted to have a site flexible enough to accommodate all the shots I take and to display them in full-width. Thus, there are two new important sections to showcast my pictures: Travel and Photography. Because of this, I have also redesigned the logo so that it comes closer to my photography brand, in an attempt to unify both (see below).

Under Travel you will find stories and pictures of places I loved. In the near future I also plan to collect my experiences better when I travel and tell you my tips, do’s and don’ts, where I stayed and what I liked. I am not going to upload posts for every place I have traveled to in the past (well, maybe except our California tour) but I will do so from now on.

Under Photography you can find some of my favorites, as well as a sub-page with an Instagram feed showing my photography challenge. The aim is to slowly start adding up pictures, and at some point having solid sections (e.g., architecture, interiors, landscape). With time this is intended to become my portfolio.

Photography logo

Other sections in the blog are similar, only that better organised. Under Knit & Crochet you will find all my posts about yarn, knits and purls, and tutorials, which I intend to keep on doing! In A piece of my mind I will share thoughts with you. And last but not least, Coolness acts as a replacement of the traditional miscellaneous section. There you will find all kinds of stuff, from recipes to cool places and shops I’ve been to, and other random lifestyle tips!

At some point I was worried that my website is not focused on one topic alone. But, hey, that is who I am. I change, and my interests change. And embracing the idea that I have a wide bunch of interests is part of the learning experience. I needed a site that is flexible enough to share all these interests with you, without needing that extra drop of glue to make it all hold together. My new website of course also has a soundtrack. At least today. Because, all I could think about was “changes”, all I could hear in my head was David Bowie’s song. I had to look it up and put it here for you guys!



And so, what is next? My next steps are building a newsletter, getting my photography prints Etsy shop up and running, and being on Bloglovin. And, of course, writing loads more!


Most of the artwork and photographic content on this site has been developed by me. However, on occasion I may use stockphotos for certain posts, for instance from Pixabay. In these cases I will never claim the photos as mine, and you will never find them on the Travel and Photography pages, unless I specifically note so. For the composite artwork that I use to head some posts, I sometimes include parts of artwork that has been provided for free or purchased. Where possible, I will try to acknowledge the artists who created those images. In the present post, the flowers used in the featured image belong to Gold and Berry, who kindly made them available on her lifestyle website for free.


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