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Christmas is coming

You may wonder why I am writing a post about Christmas when we are not even in November. Easy, I just can’t wait! Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, and even more so since I live in the Netherlands and there is a fair chance of snow! I love everything about the Christmas times: warmth, cuddles, old movies, fireplaces, the cold outside, the carols, Christmas markets, glühwein, all of those grotesque banquets, family times, work-free days, presents… and of course the Christmas decorations!!

I could summarize my take on Christmas decor in three keywords: rustic, white and gold. Actually, I could decorate my entire home playing with these three elements. Probably I will, someday! Anyways, today I wanted to share with you my White Christmas inspiration board from Pinterest. In this board I have put together all the decor elements I love, with the purpose of achieving the most perfect and inspiring white Christmas of all times! Check it out here (or scroll down to the bottom of this post for a sneak preview). Enjoy!

Among the pins, there are several DIY projects. These are perfect if you want to keep the Christmas budget within a limit. Nowadays it’s all about unexpensive, unique and stylish, so keep that in mind! I particularly love three DIY decorations that you can craft at home using a bit of imagination:

Miniature trees. You gotta love them, and they seem fun to do! Hover on the image and you’ll see a link to the author’s websites.

Lighthouses. “Tea” lighthouses, Ceramic lighthouses… they have all stolen my heart! The paper ones are easy to make, although I would illuminate them using some of the christmas lights (such as those you use for the tree) instead of putting a candle inside. Safety first!

Snow globes. Ahh, those snowglobes I always broke as a kid… I still find them fascinating, and you can make them yourself in all sizes and with all motives (christmas trees, animals, snowmen, etc!)

And here is a sneak preview of my White Christmas inspiration board, check it out!

Follow HappyHealthyCrafty’s board White Xmas 2015 on Pinterest.

What about you? Are you as excited as I am about the imminent arrival of Christmas? Do you plan on crafting some décor yourself this Christmas? Drop me a line!


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