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Congratulations, Herr Doktor Florian!

Kapitel 1: Die Vorbereitung

“Chapter 1: the preparation”

Nobody expected the sun to shine on October 11th, it was The Netherlands after all. Florian Wimmers, by then still a regular citizen, arose from his sleep with a proud, anticipating smile on his face. This was in stark contrast to his wife’s severe rictus, who looked as if she had swollen a stick. Before they knew it, the doorbell rang, and two little elves, known as “paranymphs”, came in bearing gifts: ein echtes Deutsches Frühstück (“a real German breakfast”). After consuming the food that made their ancestors bellies groan, the preparations began. The peculiar bunch ran around the house like a group of damsels getting ready for a ball. Shortly before 12, the party left the house and the ceremony began with a warm greeting at the doors of the slaughterhouse Aula.

Kapitel 2: die Verteidigung

“Chapter 2: the defense”

Armed with the light saber of knowledge, Young Florian faced his (highly esteemed) opponents in a death duel. The tension in the air could be cut with a knife. It was his coming of age rite of passage. He fended all the questions with grace and dexterity, the fast and the slow, the sharp and the soft, the wanted and the unwanted. The adversaries saw the thrill in his eyes, the awakening of the force. They feared, they understood. They deliberated.

Kapitel 3: Hilfe! Gibt es einen Doktor ins Raum?

“Chapter 3: Help! Is there a doctor in the room?”

The scene was interrupted by the loud bang of the beadle’s ceremonial stick. The room fell silent as the corona made their way out. Silence gave way to nervous smiles and confusion. “What did just happen?”, some wondered. After a short wait, the jury reemerged from the darkness with a verdict. We had a doctor in the room! It was time for the felicitations, the speeches, and the official pictures.

Kapitel 4: Endlich Entspannen

“Chapter 4: Finally relax”

With the danger over, the jury and the beadle gone, it was finally time to relax. The now two-and-a-half doctors (terrible pun, I know!) immortalized their happiness for the posterity. It was all over, and now it was time to party!

♥ So proud of my handsome F! ♥


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