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Crochet workshop at In De Oude Werkplaats

So far, I’ve been mostly self-taught in the art of knitting, with a little help of memory (I used to knit with my grandaunts as a baby girl) and -let’s be honest- of youtube! It has not been until recently that I’ve started to team up with people who have similar artistic interests. So, whenever work allows, we meet Tuesdays to knit, paint, embroider, chat, and eat carrot cake at the super hip, Swedish-inspired café “Fika“. In addition to our “Talk and crafts” club, about which I will tell you more soon, I have also started coming out of my cocoon and taking part in activities to learn new creative skills. Believe it or not, there is quite a lot of courses and workshops here in Nijmegen, usually hosted by cultural centers and art collectives. I had never attended one of these workshops cause they often take place on the weekends (usually busy) or Thursday evenings (Yoga time!). This time, Valeria [ioamofattoamano] who is part of our “Talk and Crafts” group, and who is by far a more experienced knitter and crocheter than myself, was co-organizing a crochet workshop entitled “Spring Wishes” together with the yarn store Lulay. I chose the Summer Fling shawl from Drops [pattern is available for free here] because crochet is not my strong suit, and because I specifically wanted to learn to crochet shawls.

The workshop was due to take place at In de Oude Werkplaats, a work-space usually rented out for creative events. The place is slightly hidden behind a main street, which made it super exciting because I felt I was searching for a magic place (see top image). When I arrived I was surprised that there were more people than I had anticipated, some were to take part in the crochet workshop, and some others were learning how to spin wool. I pretended to be all cool and that, but it was the first time I saw wool being spun! Yes, these ladies you can see here below are spinning the hell out of that sheep’s hair! What’s more, I realized that… what Aurora was drawn to and fooled by in Sleeping Beauty was a spinning wheel! I mean, I knew vaguely what that was by the time I saw the film, but it never hit me until now that this is how you actually turn wool into usable yarn! Ok, it’s out now.

2016-03-22 19.12.45_edited

While waiting for the workshop to begin, I spotted a bag full of Drops Paris and I could not get my eyes off these three beautiful colors all evening. I took a picture, to remember that -as soon as I’m done with my hellish sweater- I should design a cardigan using this yarn.

2016-03-22 19.39.30_edited

The first minutes of instruction, I thought I was never going to decipher what was written on the pattern. The minutes after that, I thought I was never going to be able to follow what I just had deciphered! But it turned out to be quite easy thanks to Valeria, and within a couple of hours I think I got a hold of it! Below you can see my progress, which is not much because I am working on full-power on my Stephen West’s Boneyard shawl. However, it is a beginning. I will keep you updated of my progress on Instagram, and will post again once it’s done. Exciting, right?

2016-03-22 20.29.08_edited


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