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My wonderful plans for 2016

This is not another naive New Year resolutions’ list, I can already tell you. This is the beginning of a masterplan, the first steps towards the future me I have concluded I would love to become. In fact, it is the very first time I write my resolutions down, at least in a serious manner. And I think that’s exactly the point: most people -who, either do not take their resolutions seriously, or who simply do not know what they want- have given up hope before getting started. But there is no reason why we shouldn’t keep trying. The key to my list is that it does not seek immediate change. It is about strategically sowing some seeds, starting to cultivate behaviors and routines that I think will be helpful to my beloved future me. I will be turning 30 this year and I feel like I am yet to blossom -and that is a beautiful feeling to stick to. So, this is all about preparing myself for blooming.

My life philosophy dictates me that whatever has been done in the past cannot be undone and thus we should not mourn past events. That said, planning one’s future requires at least some kind of assessment of the year left behind. So, what about 2015 for me? I feel that so little, yet so much has happened! For starters, this blog. The experience is being no less than an eye-opener, and I feel that new avenues in life are opening for me -in the sense that all my professional interests seem to slowly start coming together. At least that’s how I feel.

Let me tell you something. Although I am a (psychology) researcher, my original training is on Communication Science and the Visual Arts. Starting my blog was a way for all the fun skills I learned in uni not to die (e.g., graphic design, photography and the like), as well as a way to force myself to write more. Even though what I write is not exactly what people seek for in blogs, I have fun and I still find it good practice. This blog is my playground and thinking spot. 


Whether I write better or worse, I’ve always had the need to express myself through writing. However, writing has become somewhat of an issue in recent years. And it has become so because I have gotten too used to write in a language that is not my own (English). Put this way, it is very hard to become proficient at beautifully writing in a second language, and at the same time your first language, the one you used to excel at, starts eroding before your very eyes. We call this phenomenon language attrition. Luckily, writing is a muscle, and I decided to stop thinking and start writing. More. Daily. In both languages.


Did you think you were going to skip clichés here? Clearly, no! If you know me (at least if you know me now) you will know I am not (too) unhealthy. However, I still find it hard to stick to a sports routine when I make it home late after my long commute back from work. Yes, I am emphasizing the word long, so that you pity me here. Plus, building muscle has always been a difficult enterprise. So the goal is to get serious, and wizard some of my happy fat pounds away and into muscle, and to eat one tiny bit healthier.


You may have heard me say that time is my worst enemy. I even wrote a whole blogpost whining about this. This blog, to my dismay, is not helping my time management issues, let me tell you. However, there is still hope in me that I can manage to do all the things that I want to do within each day. The key here is not to work more hours, but to do so more efficiently. The objective is to leave work with the (not just unfounded) feeling that I made my time count, and that I could scratch all the items off my to-do list.


In order to work towards all the goals mentioned above, I have thought of implementing tiny changes into my lifestyle. The most challenging for me is creating a morning routine. There’s been a hype about what successful people do before 7am. In case you’re curious, I can tell you: a shitload of stuff (I read a very interesting article about this in The Economist, but it was a printed issue and haven’t been able to find it online to share it with you). One of the reasons why I have time-management issues is precisely my distracted mind, therefore in my routine I will stick to three things, and three things alone, because I don’t want to boost hyperactivity early in the morning. The three things I am set to do are the following:

1   A (brief) 20 – 25 minutes workout. Everyday. Just in case I don’t make it in the evening.

2   10 minutes of meditation and silent practice of thankfulness (Reminder of what I am thankful for. E.g., I am privileged to have a job where I am paid to learn and discover things)

3   Writing for 30 minutes. Either here on the blog, or writing stories on my wonderful 642 things to write about book.

Beside the morning routine, the second thing that we are changing at home is trying to stick to healthy food by making the whole weekly shopping list beforehand. Among other very cute and loving presents, for Christmas I gave Flo Jamie Oliver’s Superfoods, and he gave me Skinnytaste, by Gina Homolka (I don’t know what to make of this, honestly). So the plan is that we each choose 2 or 3 recipes from each book per week, and go get all the ingredients (not more!) before the beginning of the week. Yesterday was day 1.


My last, and somewhat secret aim is to develop myself as a (professional) coach. There, I said it, the thing that I was weary to write. For some time, I have had the feeling that helping others is something that would fulfill me, perhaps even something I am meant to do. At least, I think I have the potential to do so -but I need some guidance. This year I am giving the whole Positive Psychology movement a try. Just to see what the ideas are, and whether I like the practical implementation of such ideas. I will be reading a new book each month, and write down some thoughts that I will afterwards compile into a series of blogposts. This month I started The Happiness Advantage, by Shawn Achor. A review will be coming your way next month!


Do not hesitate: drop me a line or write me a message to share your goals, dreams, wishes or struggles about the upcoming year. And remember, whatever you choose to do, make sure your heart is into it!


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