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How to use a pom-pom maker


A few months ago I wrote a post with a photo-tutorial about knitted hat construction for beginners. In that tutorial, though, I left out the “cherry on the cake”. If you are now eyerolling at my extremely lousy joke it means that you got it: I did not explain how to make the hat pom-pom!

There are several ways to make pom-poms, and you do not need to purchase extra material to get them done, if you don’t want to. For instance, it suffices with cutting a piece of cardboard or an old magazine and rolling your yarn over it. However, pom-pom makers are really cheap and they do make your life easier.

That is, once you know how to use them!

In this post I show you how I use mine. There are several models out there. A very popular and easy to use one is the Clover pom-pom maker. They sell them in the US for a few dollars and in Europe for about 7 euro (e.g., here), and you usually get a kit with three or more sizes, so that you can not only do big fluffy pom-poms for hats but also little ones, for instance to incorporate them to the fringe of a garment. Where I acquired my own pom-pom makers remains a mystery. What I know is that they are quite minimalist, as you can see above, and their usage is far from straightforward. I mean, there were instructions on the package, but it took me quite a few tries to really figure things out! That is exactly why I decided to make this video. The principle is almost identical for every pom-pom maker out there, so if you get how to use this one, applying the knowledge to any of the other pom-pom makers will only be, as we say in Spanish, “a path of roses”.


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