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June’s To-Do list


Nothing is more motivating than sharing your to-do lists in order to accomplish all your goals! I have big plans for June. BIG  PLANS! These last weeks I feel that I have grown so much: not only have I expanded my knowledge about online marketing, blogging, photography, etc., but I have also been very productive at work. You know, the work that actually pays my bills. It is not easy being a dedicated blogger and having a full-time job, so I am really proud of how I’m learning to spell away all the distractions that life throws at me, and of how wisely I’m organizing my time!

Because I am on fire, I decided to extend this productivity to June as well! I have many objectives for this month, including sorting out and uploading my photographs, or opening my own Etsy store to sell photo printables. Usually, when I get caught up in all these activities, there is one aspect of my life that I tend to disregard, which is taking a bit more care of our home. That is why:

June is home makeover time!

We live in a small apartment (less than 700 square feet, or 60m) with poor space distribution, and neither Florian nor I are what you would call minimalist. In fact, we are quite the hoarders. Ok, to be fair we do not have any storage space that would allow us to make our belongings invisible to the naked eye. We basically have one very big living room that leads to the open-plan kitchen, and then a bedroom. We do not even have a real bathroom! We also do not have a proper office, which means that we have a desk in the middle of the livingroom, with the usual clutter that comes with it. I figured that there must be ways of organizing our stuff in such a way that the home will look less busy. Our house is cozy and lovely, but the word clutter just screams at your face! I will accompany my action steps with some very honest and shaming pictures of the clutter at our place.

1. Declutter our home

Look at this. Please.


It is not easy to live in a space that doesn’t even have a hallway to store basic items such as jackets and shoes. Thus, everything is always lying around. While there are limits to what I can do to optimize our space, it is true that there may be things that can be disposed off. For instance, we have two old Ikea tables simply hanging out there behind a  pillar. I could also find a better way to hide Flo’s gigantic men shoes. They are as big as my forearm!

A big fireplace / pillar separates our living space in two. On top of the chimney we usually collect all the nice cards we receive from friends and family on the occasion of birthdays, holidays, etc., along with small stuff we just don’t know where to put. Classifying these and emptying the space starts to be necessary, and so is cleaning up the desk. If that was in a separate room, I would not even touch it, but when I have to see it everyday… *sigh*!

So the goal is to sort out what we need and what we don’t, and go acquire colorful boxes and other pleasantly-looking office storage items, so that all the tiny things can find a home.

2. Color-code the bookshelves


The bookshelves do not look bad, but how amazing would they look, if cleaned up, and color-coded?

3. Create a little spring corner

May I introduce you to the quirkiest and loveliest corner of our home? Ta-daaaa! The plan is to get a few colorful decoration items, to make a spring-summer corner! I already took the first step today and added the colorful flowers that you can see on the table!

Favorite spot

4. Energize our home with more plants

If I have energy and budget left after the whole decluttering and color-coding of our stuff, I would like to fill our home with a few more plants. Some of them could be placed on top of boxes that are meant to act as storage. Take a look at some of my Plant Décor Pinterest inspiration board! Here is a snapshot:


What about you? Do you also live in a small page? What are the smartest storage ideas you’ve come up with? I’d love for you to share them in a comment below! 🙂


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    Sarah Turley
    May 27, 2016 at 7:37 pm

    My husband cleared up several bags of children’s clothes from our attic last week, including baby clothes. My youngest is nearly 16…. He found a great place to store them: in the back of the car! Of course, they’re not going to stay there, but I need to check he’s not going to throw any baby clothes that I want to save as heirlooms to pass on if we ever become grandparents. We live in a 10-room house with a cellar and a garage, with 5 people, only one of whom is tidy. Clutter is my middle name. Putting things in boxes is a great way of making things look neater. Also, if you want to do some decluttering, you can do it one box at a time so it doesn’t seem so daunting. I studied to be a librarian, so my books are mostly sorted in alphabetical order or genre, but last year for King’s Day, I piled layers of red, white and blue books to make a Dutch flag on one shelf, with another shelf above it with all my orange books. I have to say, I don’t normally like colour-coded books, but the orange ones look great and I have lots of orange Penguin books so it makes a great splash of colour. Not so easy to find a particular book, though! Good luck with the organising.

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    May 29, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    It is so hard to let go of some things! Luckily(?), although I am quite emotionally attached to some of my belongings (especially the books!), with others I am able to make a choice. Often, I find many things that have to do, or reflect, or remind me of who I was in a past time, but I have learned to let go of the past, because I know that words and memories will never fade. So that makes things easier!!
    About the shelves, I haven’t gotten to this part yet, but I realize it will be a bit hard to color-code our library because we are a little too kin on thriller and murder books and nearly all covers are black-ish (or dark brown, dark blue, etc). So I will try to divide them by topic first, or at least by read/unread, and then see if I can do something cool with the colors 🙂 Did you write a post with your King’s Day shelves? I looked for it around your blog but did not find it 🙂

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