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Meet my favorite place in the universe: Austria

Austria is probably one of my favorite spots in the world. I was lucky enough to live in Salzburg for a year as an Erasmus student, almost ten years ago now. It was the first time that I lived far away from my family (which I was super excited about!), the first time I flew in a plane, the first time I experienced real winter, the first time I communicated daily in languages not my own, etc.!

It really was the first year of the rest of my life. 

It brought me new life inspiration, new career goals, and it set me on the path to rediscover the excitement for learning. Until then, I had good grades at college, but I didn’t really care much for anything else and did not really think of the future (my college experience was just blissful!). Maybe this change would have happened anyways without having lived in Salzburg, but I like to think this city played an instrumental role in my development. When I left, I knew I would not be back in my home town for long: I had learned that the world was my oyster, and that my discovery adventure had only begun.

Salzburg, and Austria in general, does not only have my heart because of all the beautiful experiences it gifted me, but because of its breathtaking beauty –those mountains, those lakes, those castles! It was quite a coincidence that when I met my boyfriend Flo, his family happened to be deeply tied to the Salzburg region too. Ever since, I have joined their yearly vacation to Sankt Gilgen, a little town by the Wolfgangsee –the most beautiful lake ever! In this post, I wanted to share my pictures from the holiday last summer. Here is Austria through my eyes. I hope you fall in love with it as much as I have myself –despite the bad weather this time!

♥ Ingrid ♥


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