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My healthy breakfast winners

I am not a food blogger. However, on occasion I post recipes that I really enjoy, or that I am proud to have cooked on my own. Today I wanted to bring your attention to the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast. I think you know this by now, but never skip breakfast! Although research on this topic is kind of inconclusive, I’m on the side of those who believe that people who do not have proper breakfast regularly can find themselves craving for unhealthy meals throughout the day, which could ultimately lead to poor food choices. I used to have bread for breakfast, and often felt full or bloated after eating my bread and drinking my coffee. Now I eat daily an energizing breakfast containing yogurt, fruits, nuts, and oats (among others). I feel a lot lighter after eating, energetic and, most importantly, I don’t have the slightest craving until (even way past) lunchtime. I guess the latter makes sense, if you check out articles like this one about how oatmeal keeps you full. I am going to share with you, not one, but two (!) healthy breakfast recipes today.

Blueberry – Mango – Oats smoothie

Blueberry-Mango-Oats smoothie

The first one I owe the recipe to Florian, who prepares it for me every morning. It is a blueberry-mango-oats healthy smoothie.  Here are the ingredients for two glasses:

  • 1 cup of milk (if you do not tolerate or like dairy, you can replace it with unsweetened plant-based milk)
  • 1 cup of frozen blueberries
  • 1 whole mango
  • 1 cup of oats
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 2 / 3 cups of yogurt (greek yogurt is my favorite! -but you can of course also replace it with plant-based yogurt
  • Flaxseeds (cheaper than Chia seeds!), depending on how much you like them. Half a cup is good, I would say

The preparation is very simple, basically you only need to put your ingredients in the blender, hit “on” and let it work for a couple of minutes! We have tried the smoothies with many other fruits (bananas, apples, and also different berries) but this is the best combination so far! It can be that you do not have a blender, or simply do not like to have a liquid-like breakfast, which is why I have another recipe for you:

Healthy breakfast for in the bowl or on the go

Strawberry - raisins

Often I don’t have time to drink my smoothie at home, or I no longer have mango or the other ingredients that I like to have in my smoothie. This is why I have a plan B, which consists of tossing a series of ingredients in a bowl, such as:

  • 2 or 3 tablespoons of (unsweetened) greek yogurt
  • 5 strawberries, halved or diced
  • 2 tablespoons of oats
  • Nuts: some chopped pecan nuts, or nutmix when I’m lazy
  • To sweeten things up: raisin! Alternatively, a spoon of honey

I love this breakfast too! For me, it is the best with strawberries, but you can also have it with other combinations. For instance, in the picture below I made it with apple, dried blueberries, oats and cinammon. I’m more of a red fruits person, but this one is also very good!

Apple - dried blueberryYou don’t have time for breakfast at home? No problem, prepare it and have it on the go! I collect tiny glass jars, those where the jam comes in, as they are an excellent container to prepare this breakfast, and bring it anywhere without fear of it being smashed! Plus, it looks super cute and yummy, you should see the jealous looks I get in the train during my morning commute to work!
Do you also have a breakfast recipe that will blow my mind? Drop me a line!

Lots of love,




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