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My special Christmas corner

Although for many, Christmas is nearly over, for me it has just begun and there are still many festivities ahead, such as the New Year celebrations, and the visit of the Three Wise Men on January 5th and 6th! As an expat, Christmas is always a funny time, because I never get to celebrate it in my own home, but instead I travel to Spain to visit my family, and then to Germany to visit Florian’s family. IMG_0591Long story short: it makes little sense to overspend in decoration, given that we won’t be home much. Still, I am absolutely crazy in love with Christmas décor, and this year I collected so many cool ideas (recall my White Christmas post) that I felt I deserved at least a little Christmassy corner at home to enjoy even if it is only for a few days. So, at my place, and to compensate, it is Christmas till February, and I see nothing wrong with that!

Today I wanted to share the results with you. I collected items from several shops, mostly at Riviera Maison (the candle holders and the little tree), Dille en Kamille (the table runner, and the star-shaped bowls) and Westwing (the tea light houses). Some of these stores are Europe-based, but the items are quite standard and easy to find at almost any décor shop! I am extremely proud of the result, because it is only recently that I have become so keen on decorating, and in the past I never spent too much time on such projects. IMG_0583Although I always advocate for DIY cute stuff, let’s face it, I had little time to start new DIY projects, especial before Christmas time when there are so many loose ends to take care of at work! So, the only hands-on work I had time to do was the wrapping of Florian’s presents, which I wanted to be special and transmit all my love and care.

In sum, despite the fact that I did not manufacture the décor items on my own, my special festive corner brings me true joy, and makes me daydream of holidays, snow, and fireplaces. So, my advice for Christmas: buy few, but special things. Things that bring you happiness, and not mere material goods. And if you have time, create with your hands! 

So, here are a few snapshots of my special Christmassy corner! I hope you find them cute, too! Have you also created something you’re never-ending proud of this Christmas? Share it with us, and spread the love!





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