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Week 2: Point Reyes National Seashore

Quite a lot happened in our second week living the American Dream. Most notably, I found an organic grocery outlet with not-so-outrageous prices (YES!), I finished writing the last experimental paper of my thesis, filed my work authorization application, and went on a hike! You may think it’s sad to be excited about a grocery outlet, but think that, given the prices here, getting to spend $100 a week on food really is a win situation. We also try to avoid eating out all the time, because only the junk food is cheap and often you end up making the wrong food choices when you are tired. Not to mention when you pat yourself on the back for ordering a healthy turkey avocado sandwich, and all of a sudden it comes with extra bacon and melted cheddar on top πŸ˜€

First Birthday in Cali

On November 7th, as scheduled, “I got old”. About that,Β I asked Flo about whether he thinks I will ever look like a full-fledged woman my age (which is 31, by now), and he said that “I look as old as I get –maybe I will only start graying in the future”, which made me laugh, reminding me of how people talk about dog species (“that’s how tall this doggy gets”).

Anyways, I wanted to do something special on my Bday. This proved complicated, as I was victim of a brief but belligerent flu, so brief I had already forgotten about it. Disobeying Flo, who had prohibited me to leave the bed, I biked to Downtown Palo Alto to do what I do best: shopping! Since our goal at the moment is to live minimally and not start accumulating possessions, I only set to make a small purchase: a planner to organize my new career!

When I entered Papersource, I had to text Flo to update him on my last wishes (in case my flu happened to be mortal): “If I die today, I’ve found the place I want to be buried in”. The minute I crossed that door, something expanded in my heart to never go back. I was in heaven.

I spent a full hour inside the store, walking from corner to corner, rummaging through everything with my fast little fingers, only turning around for some violent coughing episodes that had the shop assistants look at me in concern. When I was done, I was at the end of my forces, sweat accumulating on my back, my vision blurred. I came outside like Alice came out of Wonderland. Dazed and confused, like when you leave an after-hours party and discover, in shock, that the sun is shining outside and people seem to be orderly conducting themselves through the universe, but not you, and you feel you hide a dark and deep secret.

Here you can see my beautiful purchases, sponsored by my Mum (in-the-distance birthday gift!). You will notice one item that goes against everything we know I’ve learned in the last couple of years, namely that I cannot keep a journal. But, as usual, “this time it will be different”, will it not?

Point Reyes National Seashore

We went for our first hike to Point Reyes, north of San Francisco. There are several hiking routes, most of them bordering the sea. We chose the flattest route possible, given that we are not professional hikers, and our endurance still needs to be trained.Β It took us almost three hours to reach our destination. On the way we had to pass the Golden Gate Bridge, which generates horrible traffic, let me tell you!

I think by now you have read enough, so I will just leave you to enjoy the beautiful sights of Point Reyes, including our trip to the lighthouse in the middle of the fog. We also saw deers and coyotes and cows (surprisingly, they have a lot of farms up there!), and god knows what other creatures inhabit the national park that we were unaware of!

Laguna / Coastal Trail

Point Reyes Lighthouse

The pictures below are the best of the day. It is true that you get the best lighting in the early morning and late afternoon!

Curious about what we’re up to this week? Keep tuned!

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