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Rocking Stephen West’s Boneyard Shawl!

Boneyard Shawl

It’s been a long long time since I posted about knitting. I must confess that since I am more versed into photography lately, my time to knit has decreased, and with the weather being sooo hot out there, I just think less about picking up my needles. You know what I actually love doing during the summer months? Crocheting handbags! -but I’ll get to that another day.

Last year during the Craftsy sale, I signed up for the Shawlscapes class, where shawl-guru Stephen West teaches you about shawl construction techniques. If you don’t know Stephen West’s work, you should check him out: the guy is basically a genius in combining colors and shapes. Here are a couple of his designs, modeled by himself:

The class is great: you get all the help you need to learn knitting in a triangular way. Basically, you start with a small 1cm blob of wool, and as you knit it expands “triangularly”. The first ten minutes I thought that was the absolute sorcery, but later on I realized it was a lot simpler than I had believed, and it’s a great technique to get started with making complex shapes. The course also comes with free patterns of the projects that are explained, and covers a lot of useful extra information so that you can do your own structural variations, work with color patterns, and try different ways of finishing off your project. It really was money well spent!

I wanted to make an easy shawl to start with, so I basically followed the Boneyard Shawl instructions (you can download the pattern for free here) for a few rows, and then played a little by including a second color, and introducing an irregular texture pattern. Probably the shawl would have looked better if I had refrained from it, I have to say! In general, I found the project easy, but when you are nearing the end and the shawl has expanded more than a meter, each row becomes an endless quest, which almost led me to give up. But I did not, and that is why I’m so proud today!

For the project, I used Phil Camargue, from Phildar, which has linen in its composition and gives it a very rustic feel -especially in the natural colors I picked!

Here are some pictures of the result! Unfortunately, I think I’ll have to wait till next autumn to wear it!

Boneyard Shawl

Boneyard Shawl

And here is me wearing the shawl! You could say that it looks hippie from the front and grandma from the back, but I love it and I’m sure I’ll find the best way to wear it… as soon as it’s cold! Also, forgive the blurry quality of the pics: I still need a space where I can take pictures of my productions (a photocall!) and also some knowledge on how to do this whole selfie thing!

What about you? Have you ever knitted a triangle-shawl? Don’t hesitate and share your work here! 🙂

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