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Saturday stroll through Nijmegen (read: shopping!)

This Saturday Flo and I went for a stroll into town (read: shopping!), and I wanted to share a few impressions with you! I have been living here in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, for over 5 years now and I have seen this city change a lot -and not just architecturally. While Nijmegen is not so big a city as Amsterdam or Utrecht, it is pretty damn hip! One thing I find outstanding is the growing popularity of conceptstores, stores of handmade goods and of cool organic decoration and furniture, which seem to be multiplying by the week. Although such stores are distributed throughout the city, the “Stikke/Lange Hezelstraat” is the absolute trendy hub in town, and always crowded during the weekends.

To be honest, I feel tempted to work on a shopping + eating guide to the hottest spots for young and old creative souls in Nijmegen, so that people out there get to see what an interesting and lovely town (and definitely worth visiting) this is. However, this may take time, and with time I mean months.  Just as a sneak preview, I wanted to share two very cool places with you.

Make My Day (website here)

The first place I wanted to share with you is “Make my Day”. Basically, you can go there, eat breakfast, get your hair cut, and in the meantime purchase a lot of awesome goods -anything from clothes, to retro posters about cats (I said CATS!), to handmade pottery, or to cacti (call them cactuses if you like) in all sort of shapes and colors! They also have a book section with a mix of titles whose thing in common (well, beside coolness) is aesthetics. They all are so beautifully designed and look so fresh! I fell in love with one particular item, namely a sort of diary called “Once upon a time I was…“, created by Lavinia Bakker. In her (or her publicist’s) own words: This is a guided diary which helps you create your own autobiography by means of questions and space for pictures, little drawings, lists of your favorite things, your memories and more. Record the stories of your life “or a loved ones” in this keepsake that will be cherished for generations to come! In half a year I’ll be turning 30, so, you know, you can never start planning too early -just sayin!
Here are a few pictures, click on them to see them in big!

Ieder z’n vak (here)

The second place I wanted to show you is called “Ieder z’n vak”, which literally means “everybody his/her (own) section”. I love the concept behind this shop. Every artist who signs up gets to rent a shelf or small section to showcast and sell their work for an economic price -rent ranges between 65 and 115 euro a month, depending on the amount and location of the shelves. In practice, this means that you get to buy all sorts of handmade products from about more than a hundred local artists and manufacturers. Among my favorite things, as usual, are the cacti, and the knits. Take a look at the knitted and crocheted products, they are to die for! Someday I, too, would like to create such amazing products, but until then I have to keep on practicing!

After exploring all the new and old shops and cafés for hours, we headed back home through the Kronenburger Park, which looked beautiful in the winter (soon Spring) sun! Here:

Kronenburgerpark, Nijmegen


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