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I shoved away my greed, making room for my passion to grow


This month I have made an outrageous expense. Maybe this won’t seem like a lot to you, or it will, but I spent nearly $2000 on a new photo camera. Just for the record, that is more than I paid for my very first car! It makes you wonder what kind of car that was, right? …

Jokes aside, it is not like I am against spending money but I usually do not spend big chunks at once. I often treat myself to a new dress or a new batch of wool to knit, but these are not huge expenses, and they are spread throughout the year. The rest of the money goes to (ok, saving, but also) holidays, dinners in town (too many to stick to any diet), and other social activities. They say money can’t buy you happiness, but if you invest it in things and activities that make you happy, that you truly celebrate, then one must admit it does help.

The trick is to spend your money only in what will bring you joy

That said, I feel I must add that I was happy when I was a bar-tending student, traveled low budget and very rarely bought myself goods; and I am happy now that I can indulge myself in a little more spending and pampering. So, if you were rolling your eyes thinking that you’ve got no dough to burn, know that this post is also for you, because in the end it is all about getting the best bang for your buck. It is all about making the most of the money that you have to spend. Whether it is $2000 on a camera, or $3 on a second hand copy of a book you think will change your life. Have no fear to invest in what you think will bring you further.

Yet, I had to urge myself not to be too greedy

The story repeats itself over and over again. I need to make a purchase, and spend months evaluating all the options, checking online reviews, making lists, etc. and in the end I always end up making a bad choice and settling with something that is not what I originally envisioned, just to save a few bucks. The laptop I’m writing you from is a living proof of this.

See, I was raised to be a good penny saver. My dad is nuts about money (seriously!) and keeps these tiny agendas in which he writes every single expense he and my mom make, even when they don’t really need to do that. My mom gets weekly pocket money. I swear. His is a case of extreme greed (part of his undiagnosed OCD, I believe), and he has passed on to me a tiny bit of that greed. While I am a lot more generous than my dad when it comes to spending, I always feel guilty to go for the more expensive choices. But I have learned the hard way that sometimes greed is unjustified, especially when you can afford not being greedy, and the quality of the product invested in will outshine the guilt of an expensive purchase.

I mean, greed is a capital sin, isn’t it?

I wanted to upgrade my photo equipment for some time now, and since I am actually working a lot on my photography skills, I think it is really the time. It has been ten years now since I first got acquainted with the world of photography and I have never bought an expensive camera or lens. And, believe me, $2000 in this world is nothing. At first I thought of getting something lesser. I tried to convince myself that perhaps I did not need, for instance, a full-sensor camera, but then I realized this is not a mere caprice. In fact, I intend to make money out of it someday! Finally, I asked myself the most basic question of them all:

If I don’t do this now, then when?

And this is how I went for it. And I am not the least bit disappointed, or guilty. My beautiful, gorgeous, always dreamed of Canon 6D arrived two days ago. I patiently loaded the battery, and then turned it on to take a few test shots. And I literally cried, because that image quality resembled nothing I had experienced before. I cannot wait to take it on adventure to discover the world. That sweetheart is my baby now!

So, long story short, whether you have a little or a lot, think wisely and spend your money on your passion. This month, I shoved away my greed, and just like this I made room for my passion to grow.


canon 6D


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    June 3, 2016 at 7:42 pm

    Beautiful post! And yes, this is an investment in yourself and your happiness so no guilt!!

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