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The textures of Porto

Hello from Portugal!

Since last Wednesday, I have been in Porto (Portugal). I came here to attend a research conference and to present my work, but since I had never been to Portugal before, I figured it was worthwhile to extend my stay over the weekend and visit the city. I have to say I am loving it here: Porto is such a beautiful city, and the perfect place for foodies –even if you do not eat fish like me! I recommend you bring your sneakers along, because you are in for a lot of walking up and down the streets –some of them quite steep and paved with tiny stones. Oh, yes, and if you come between Winter and Spring, make sure you pack an umbrella… Preferably one of those that are wind-resistant…

Yesterday, I decided to turn the bad weather into a positive thing, so I went on a photographic mission to capture what I love most about a city: its textures, its colors and its shapes. Yes, I went on a little treasure hunt to collect “details”, the details that shaped my experience of the city. Whether it is special tiles, old windows, the mix of different stone textures, angles or color coming together in symmetric (or asymmetric –but preferably symmetric) ways…. I love it all! I am one of these people that can stare for several minutes at the pattern that two different types of seemingly ugly floor pavement make as they come together. I see art and beauty. Observing the world in this way is one of my guilty pleasures.

Here you go! I hope you like them 😉 You can see them first as a mosaic, or scroll down to see the individual images!


Photos, one by one


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    February 6, 2017 at 4:38 pm

    Nice collection of textures and colors. Porto essence by Photography. Buen trabajo Ingrid! 🙂

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