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The way to California began in… Chicago!

The clock is ticking: our big move to California is less than a month away. Our days are now divided between finishing our PhD work (no biggie…) and sorting all the belongings we have accumulated in the past 7 years. For me, that means cleaning up my closet –a tearful but necessary task. The first 4 months in California we’ll be living in about 20 square meters, which is half the size of our current livingroom. This means that we will only take whatever fits into two suitcases.

Today I wanted to share some of the pictures of our 2016 trip to Chicago. Because then and there began our road to California.

We arrived to Chicago on the second week of November, right after my 30th Birthday. We were targeting locations for our next career move. How did we do this, as a couple? We took out a map — metaphorically of course. The map was digital — and put pins on cities where we would not mind moving to. Whenever one of us would find something in one of these locations we would both go. We were down to two candidates: San Francisco and Chicago. A spontaneous interview invite set everything in motion!

The trip to Chicago was, well, confusing. We had talks we needed to prepare for, it was really cold and we were sick. Our hotel (Godfrey Hotel Chicago), however, was amazing and had the most comfortable bed I could have wished for. My guilty pleasure that week was, in addition to Chicago’s deep-dish pizza (O.M.G), watching a Harry Potter film every evening while trying to stay strong. There was a lot at stake!

Not all was work, though. We did some sightseeing, took an architecture boat tour (coldest two hours of the whole year), visited the Field Museum, and took a few selfies at the Millenium Park. On the last day, we also went up to the Chicago 360º experience, on top of the Hancock Observatory. I guess I did a favor to myself by forgetting to increase the limit of my Dutch credit card, so I did not go shopping 😊

Eventually, all the deep dish pizza in the world could not convince us to vote for Chicago. It was way too cold and windy, and I, a girl from a small town, found it scary and unsafe. I even found the University of Chicago quite gloomy. Not a place I would choose to spend 3 years in.

We are coastal people and to the coast we shall move!


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