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What did you do for your Birthday? I worked out!

I’ve been a lousy blogger, and I’ve seriously left my photography account unattended this month, but I have a solid excuse: this has been the most hectic month!

If you asked me in September what I expected to be doing in November, I would have probably told you that not much, except for throwing a big big big and fantastic 30th birthday party!

Yay! Happy Birthday to me!

However, things have taken quite an unexpected turn. For starters, we decided –almost spontaneously– to travel to the US and visit a few labs there (of course, that requires some extra time to prep), and to continue, we decided to move houses! So, in the end, the only thing not happening is my magnificent party.

I must confess that I had underestimated the whole “moving” business! So far I had only moved small and traveled light, but over the last years we have accumulated a fair amount of possessions. We did get rid of a lot, in an attempt to cleanse our souls, but the remaining stuff was still a lot and it all needed packing and carrying! It was a tough week, I’m not gonna lie.

When the realtor opened the door to our new home, I thought it was hideous. It was literally a concrete box with no flooring, and only a (very nice, though) kitchen. We were so exhausted after searching for new places (there is a lot of competition in our town), that we somehow said yes. Many years from now, Flo will tell you that it was me who looked optimistic and said yes, and I will tell the story the other way around. However it really happened, we agreed to this new home, and while we are still 60% or so through with the organizing of our stuff, it looks like it will be a much cozier home any of us imagined!

Here are a few pictures. Let’s start with how it looked at the beginning:

However, the kitchen was nice, there was a big terrace, and a real bathroom with a bathtub!

We had to install our own flooring, which is very common in the Netherlands. It was a pain in the ass, but I think I learned a skill for life!

Finally, yesterday we were able to move in all of our stuff! It was a very tough day and we were only able to make it thanks to the many friends and family who helped us out! Big thanks to everyone! Almost all is still in boxes, but here are a few shots of what starts to look like a real home!

And here is the best corner of the house: my new desk!!!


Now, off to pack! More news, and hopefully a lot of photos, soon!

♥ Ingrid ♥



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    November 15, 2016 at 12:08 pm

    Love your new place Ingrid! Especially love the workspace! Is it a seperate room or in your living room? I am looking for new workspace ideas… It looks really great!

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